Legal Information

Corporate name

Potaris IT (Unternehmergesellschaft)

Langenzenner Straße 28
90587 Siegelsdorf
Bavaria, Germany

Amtsgericht Fürth

Company registration number:
Fürth HRB 18318

Tax identification number:
DE 218/135/30020


Represented by

Yannik Schmidt
Am Kellerberg 17
90766 Fürth
Phone: 0176/761-668-94

As an LLC registered in Germany, we are legally required to provide a  german version  of these information as well.


As an IT-company, Potaris takes your privacy very seriously and wants to take a stance for internet privay and your right to informational self-determination. We do not collect any personal identifieable data. This means no information about your visit to this site exists on our side after you have left. The only information we will ever save is the information you provide us with during a contact form request.