Decent Into Sector 32

Decent into Sector 32 is an immersive 3rd-person mystery game set in the far future. It's planned to release in 2022.

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Gamestudio Contract Work

Modern gaming projects require a multitude of different skills. We provide services in the areas of programming, shading, blueprinting and level design. Feel free to reach out for a free assessment of the complexity of the work you need done.


Web-design and Integrations

For our websites, we value ease of use, speed, and search engine optimization. Get every step of the creation of your web presence managed for you - from a unique design, to backend integrations and hosting.


Managed Hosting

We are experts in the deployment and administration of server side applications and backends. Your build-pipeline, your microservices, monitoring or custom software - there's an optimal server for everything.

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